If you’ve been bouncing from diet to diet with more frustration than results and you strongly desire to transform your relationship with food and your body to live empowered with more ease and peace…let’s talk!

Now, I don’t have a magic pill to give you but I do have good news. I have created a 3 ways we can work together so you can finally ditch the diet and double your energy to step into your best life (and body).  You’ll do the work and I’m here to expertly guide you through the journey step by step in unveiling your radiant, healthy self.

No matter how you decide to work together, you get the system, support and accountability to start creating your badass n’ healthy life. 

Lifestyled Wellness w/ Essential Oils

Integrate the power of essential oils into your life to restore and give your body what it needs for lasting wellness. If you want explore natural solutions and address wellness while enjoying the benefits of essential oils in a holistic way from nontoxic cleaning to emotional mood management to physical fitness support and more, start here.


A group program to revolutionize the way you think about losing weight. You’ll make positive changes in how you think, how you eat, how you take care of your physical body, and how you live daily. If you want a step-by-step system, group support, and coaching accountability, this 8-week program is where to start.

Private Coaching

You want the whole package with  1:1 attention and support to create your badass and beautifully healthy life. We focus on your goals and challenges in a deep, holistic way and you get all of my best strategies and tools over a transformative 3-6months.

• committed to making your dreams real and ready to take action, in spite of your fears?
• excited to know what’s possible for you when eating empowered becomes a natural and normal habit?
• over saying you’re “too busy” and “I don’t have enough time” to take care of your body’s health needs?
• ready to finally put money towards your health first instead of booking another weekend trip or buying expensive shoes
• willing to try new things and stretch out of your comfort zone, which isn’t really comfortable anymore?

If you’re saying YES, then book a FREE Breakthrough Strategy session with me.  We’ll unlock your dreams, discover the blocks standing in your way, and I’ll share the the non-diet strategies and steps to take so you breakthrough to your healthy body transformation.

You’ll discover what your starting point is or what the best solution is for you, whether that includes working with me or not.If you have questions about any of the sessions or a program that I offer, please contact me here and I’ll gladly answer your questions.


Move your excuses over, so you can put your badass health dreams first. As a result of our coaching together, you’ll be doing just that with more confidence, ease, and peace.  

To see if working with me is the right fit for you, hop on the phone with me so we start to unveil your dreamy goals, the true challenges or obstacles in your way, and the plan for your radiant and real transformation.  

By the way, if you’re saying to yourself “I want this but don’t know if I have the time, Beca”, then let’s get on the phone, woman, because you know it’s never really about the time. And you know that if you let it, you’ll be waiting a long time to feel ready or have more time.


I’m looking to partner with women who want to share and empower women with proactive health solutions to make a difference!

If you’re enthusiastic about holistic wellness and self-care, have a positive attitude, and want to learn how you can make an impact while making extra money, I want to talk to you.  You don’t have to have any prior experience in wellness or coaching either. I’m looking to partner with hard-working, trustworthy, and big-hearted individuals.  If an opportunity to impact the health and wealth of others greatly speaks to your heart or peeks your curiosity, then send me an email so we can talk further.  We’ll discuss what this leadership opportunity is and what it can mean for you.  If it is a fit for for you and me, then I’d love to offer you an empowered way to enhance your life while   changing more lives. Go ahead and email me now. I can’t wait to meet you!


Get 14 nutrition packed smoothie recipes!  Smoothies sparked the positive change in my life & body and I want you to experience the results too. Plus, get FREE access to my wellness notes and valuable offers created to move and energize you from the inside out.