The best part of working with Beca is that she helped me to get at the real root and underlying causes that needed to be addressed (it wasn’t the food I was eating or my will power) to help me truly win the battle with food and weight management. Thank you, Beca for your help!

Celest Horton (Phoenix, AZ)

Founder, How to Pay for College HQ

Beca is an amazing health coach who ‘s extremely knowledgeable about holistic well-being. She’s very professional, caring and compassionate with her down to earth style and empowers clients to reach their goals by giving them specific tools  each session while getting to the root of issues that may be holding them back from getting healthy. She helped me find healthy solutions to my lifestyle while increasing my energy and teaching me to take the time for myself and my meals.

Robin Petit-Leoni (Miami Beach, FL)

Founder, Evolve, Empower, Elevate

I highly recommend doing Beca’s detox every season. I’ve done it for two seasons in a row and my body is thanking me so much!!! I feel great and the first detox positively impacted my life forever.  Before my first detox, I was tired, bloated, had a lot of stomach pain and digestion issues. Now, I’m never bloated after eating and feel fantastic. It’s truly wonderful!! I even lost 14lbs.

Yadi F.

Entrepreneur and Educator

Beca’s program taught me how to slow down and take time out for myself. Despite working out 5-6 days a week and eating lots of veggies, I wasn’t as healthy asI thought it was.  I have so much energy, sleep soundly, am alert at work and my attitude is so much more positive.

Kate B.

Government Employee

I am doing exceptionally great this week since our phone session. It motivated me a lot.  I’ve already incorporated a couple of your recommendations into my morning and evening routine. No sodas, no bread or coffee this week and I actually feel GREAT!

Veronica A. (Corpus Christi, TX)

Legal Assistant

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