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I see you, amazing woman.  You are driven to make an impact every day, whether it’s expanding your business mission, creating educational opportunities for children or organizing your company’s charitable activities.  Being a leader and driving change in the world is your purpose.  You freakin love it.  Yet, while you serve your clients, company, and community with the best of your time, energy, and resources as your highest priority, you struggle to slow down and things like healthy meals, quiet time for yourself, and walks or exercise fall last on your agenda all too often.

I get that it feels harder and harder to keep up with your current pace and stay healthy.  Eating is often done quickly, on-the-go or under stress at your desk.  However, that’s no longer working for you.  It got you to where you are now but it’s not going to take you to your next level of leadership.  Yet you worry that you’ll have to sacrifice your fun, freedom, or (already limited) time with loved ones because in the past becoming healthy meant eating boring foods and spending grueling hours at the gym everyday.

What if that wasn’t true?  Instead, what if you could create exponential health for yourself that increased the amount of fun, freedom, and time you had in your life to fully enjoy it while expanding your impact.   I want to help you rise up to this challenge in becoming the leader of your exponentially healthy life.

What’s amazing and wonderful is that you can get what you want without the diet or deprivation.  It takes aligning the power already within you to believing you can be your healthiest self so you can take the actions that it requires.  Doing work that matters to many while expanding up to your biggest dreams, making a bigger impact, and leading an exponential life asks you to make an inspired commitment to your health and vitality. As a passionate leader with a powerful mission, I know nothing will stop you from it. Let join forces and create this reality together.

If you deeply desire

  • a transformative experience to create radical health for yourself 
  • a clear knowing of what foods, habits, and activities that energize you
  • a non-diet approach to eating that’s sustainable and pleasurable!
  • to dial up your vitality while dialing down your weight and stress
  • more alignment to your inner power
  • more possibilities, freedom, time and fun in your life


And you’re ready to get in the game of exponential living…

Then, you’re it’s time to book your breakthrough session.

Let’s Get Moving Together

♥ In coaching with me, we blend the practical with the magical to uncover your healthy sweet spot so you can shed the stubborn pounds, double your energy, and live with ease and exponential health.  You can ditch the diet mentality forever.

♥ Be empowered with tools for mindful living and eating, so you can improve your life, your body, and your impact.

♥ Benefit from my experience and education on 1) eating for women’s weight-loss, hormone, and digestive health 2) low-tox living and detoxification 3) growth mindset  4) holistic integrative nutrition  4) essential oils  5) transformational coaching.

♥ Receive actionable and timeless strategies that will up-level your health and can be used for a lifetime and with your family.

♥ Get personalized attention and coaching to help you overcome obstacles with grace and forward momentum.

This is a adventure of discovery, leaning-in, and releasing what’s no longer serving you – both physically and emotionally.

And when you finally let go of the density, you can access amazing energy, vitality and freedom so you can leave the legacy you desire.

Over your 6-month transformative experience, we’ll journey through:

Committing to Your Badass & Best Self

+++Clearing out the junk to make room for possibilities with a positive mindset

+++Getting clear on your real intentions and goals

+++Setting BIG Dreams and short-term health promises to yourself


Eating for a Revitalized Body

+++Redesigning habits to slow down and bring awareness of your emotional state as you’re eating

+++Learning to listen to your body and checking in on your hunger or fullness

+++Discovering if certain foods might be your culprits and causing chronic inflammation in your body

+++Choosing the best foods that bring you true pleasure, energy, and weight loss


Taking Care of YOU First

+++Journaling to checkin with yourself and your future self

+++Prioritizing your well-being with a daily wellness routine

+++Integrating essential oils and healthy stress-busting practices for optimal wellness

+++Being with your feelings and learning how to release what’s isn’t serving you

Minding Exercise & Movement

+++Learning why exercise is key and avoiding common mistakes

+++Discovering exercise that feels good to you, improves circulation, released endorphins and is fun

+++Working out to support healthy detoxification

+++Discovering how supplements may be supportive to you

This commitment is for 6 months. You must book a complimentary breakthrough session first to determine if we (+the program) are ideally matched.  Please note that I only take on 4 private clients at a time so I’m able to serve you at my highest level. **Space available in August 2018**

You Are Powerful & Inspiring.

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