that I personally use and
I’m excited to share!

Over the years I’ve tried (practically) everything!

Before I became a health coach, I searched for various supplements like Plant Protein Powder, Greens Blend, Probiotics, and Omega-3 Fish Oil to fill those nutrient gaps and support my health.

I wanted…

• Clean & High Quality
• Nutritious
• Reputable & Trustworthy
• Affordable

I know you do too!

In the past, the brand lines or products I had tried appeared to be nutritious and affordable but once you looked further, they would contain added sugar or sweeteners, additives, or low quality ingredients. Added to the fact that many of the high quality brands can be simply too expensive compared to purchase or use regularly, are only available in certain stores or health food markets (not great when recommending to clients across the U.S.) or if buying online, the shipping costs are high and it could take a week or longer to receive by mail.

Quality and price are two important factors for sure.  Equally important and often the reason one loves or hates a nutrition supplement is the taste and texture. If a protein powder or greens blend is too chalky or difficult to mix, then you end up with an unreturnable item you paid good money for that instead of adding value to your body, it’s collecting dust in your pantry.

I made sure that this new line checked all the boxes for quality, affordability, taste, trust and then some!

As soon I read more about this new product line, saw the quality ingredients and care that went into developing them, and tasted how amazing they were, I knew immediately that I had found a line that I could get my family (including my aging parents) onboard with using too.  I also knew that I wanted to partner with and fully endorse this entire line of nutrition products.

I maintain a dairy-free, gluten-free, reduced sugar, and mostly plant-based diet for my optimal health so these products are completely aligned with my nutritional philosophy and offer a nutrient dense boost to my daily diet.    

I feel incredible and confident knowing that I’m supporting my body with the real food ingredients found in this high-quality supplement line.  (Your body, taste buds and wallet will thank you!)

All Life’s Abundance nutrition products are:

• Non-GMO
• Gluten-Free
• Soy Free
• Dairy Free
• Vegan
• Naturally Flavored
• Free From Added Sugars, Artificial Flavors, Colors, and Preservatives

How amazing do these look?!  Well, I can guarantee that the quality and taste are absolutely amazing, too. And just to secure that promise, you’ll get a money-back guarantee with your purchase—no questions asked!


Let me help! Email me here, and I’ll get back to you personally.

Want to try but have concerns like mine from the past?  Try a travel or single serving at no risk.  Send me an email here to request one today.

IMPORTANT: At this time, the nutritional products provided by Life’s Abundance are available to U.S. residents only. U.S. military members and their families may purchase.

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DISCLOSURE: I am an independent field representative with Life’s Abundance. I earn a commission on all sales originating from this page. I partnered with this company because I love and use the products. All statements on this page and my site are my own (and I’m happy about that!).

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