If you are wondering, “Do I really have use for essential oils in my normal, everyday life?” answer the questions below to see how essential oils might fit into your daily routine:

Do you worry about using household cleaners that may expose you or your family to harsh chemicals or toxins?
Do you ever look for ways to strengthen damaged hair or a distressed scalp?
Are you ever in need of products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and young?
Do you ever experience occasional digestive discomfort?
Do you ever experience discomfort associated with occasional tension in the neck or head?
Do you suffer from discomfort associated with seasonal or environmental threats?
Are you ever in need of products to help support a healthy immune system?
Do you enjoy adding powerful and natural flavors to your entrees, beverages, or desserts?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you might have more use for essential oils than in your life than you think.

While some view essential oils as mysterious or complicated, they can be used for household cleaning, cooking and baking, improving well-being, and more.

Along with applications for everyday life, many enjoy essential oils because of their health benefits, as well as their positive effects on emotions.


xx Beca

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