Let’s talk about putting yourself to bed like you would put a little child to bed.

Whaaa? Put myself to bed??

Yes, put yourself to bed.


Create a night time routine or ritual for yourself.

Maybe you need to be reminded an hour before an actual bedtime, let’s say 9:00 PM.  So, set a reminder alert on your phone or use an alarm.  When the alarm buzzes, then you start your routine.

By the way, going to sleep no later than 10 PM can help you get better, more restful sleep and wake up refreshed earlier compared to getting 7.5 hours of sleep from midnight to 7:30 AM.

Why do this?

Ever experienced cranky or crappy babies and young ones when their quality and schedule of sleep is crappy? Yeah, I believe you know what I’m talking about regardless if there are any crying babies living in your home.

And, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve seen adults (or yourself) when they wake up “on the wrong side” of the bed or go about their day in a drained and dull state.

If personal relationships, productivity, and physical energy are a priority for you than do yourself (and your loved ones or co-workers) a favor and put yourself to bed earlier in the night.

What would this “Put Yourself To Bed” routine look like?

1. When the alarm goes off, you stop or wrap up the activity you are doing. So turn off the TV or close out Facebook or finish up in the kitchen.

2. Prepare a glass of water for yourself to drink.  Take any evening vitamins and supplements like Magnesium.

3. Turn off or dim down the lights in your house or apartment.

4. Stretch slowly or take a gentle walk outside (if possible and safe) returning to a dark or dimly lit house.

5. Complete your bathroom routine: warm bath, brush teeth, skin care, etc.

6. Lay in Bed. Optional: Journal or do some light easy reading (using a dimmed lamp).  Try not to bring or use any electronic devices like your smartphone, tablet or iPad, or laptop. The blue light can interfere with the quality of your sleep and keep you up later than you expect.

I realize that you may resist an earlier sleep schedule or specific routine, that’s fine.

However, if you wake up feeling crappy or dull and need caffeine to “perk” you up, try this for a few days and experiment what works for you.

And, by no means am I perfect with my routines or do I strive for or expect perfection. Definitely not!  Give yourself permission to try and try again. Screw perfection.

If like me, you decide to make a few healthy habits a priority then commit to them each day by scheduling these practices in your daily calendar.

Guard YOUR time. Get YOUR sleep.

Sleep does a body and brain good.

What would become possible for you the next day if you actually had a rested 8 hours of sleep?  

Share in the comments below.  And you have any friends or family members who this might help, share this post with them.