YES, I’ve done it! I’ve started this blog. Finally!

Have you ever started something then distracted yourself from really doing the work?

Maybe you didn’t know how to continue.  Maybe you didn’t feel “ready”. Maybe you were afraid of failing or staying consistent.  So you put it off and decided to wait until Monday, because that’ll be a better day to begin, right?

Join the club sister, I’ve been doing all of the above for many years, on many projects, and over various programs.  To think of the used time and energy procrastinating and overthinking.  Yikes!

A few years ago I wanted to start a blog.

Earlier this year, I decided it was time.  So, I wrote “start blog” on my to-do list.  And, every day since then, I procrastinated and brewed over the grand idea.

I really did have the intentions on creating a blog.  I did, I swear! I had these big ideas and ambitions for this blog in my head. I felt so overwhelmed.

The moment I wrote “start blog” on my to-do list, I put off doing it every. single. day.   I never even sat down in front of my laptop to write.

I realized that “Start Blog” is incredibly general and vague  (Marie Forleo and Derek Halpern, I thank you sincerely for sharing your wisdom).  So, I re-wrote it with as a verb or action.  Now, “create blog profile” was on my to-do list.   One simple and specific actionable item to cross off.

It definitely released the overwhelm. Even if the first step is small, the point is to get started.

What a powerful feeling of relief to know I’ve begun the work.  I stopped over thinking, got off my ass and just did it.  And no more stomach ache yucky feeling.  That feels good too.

Do you have to-do items that never get done?  Your new exercise or morning routine, holiday cards, or a work project?  

If so, share and comment below. Tell me how you can turn that overwhelming item into a small actionable step.  

Let’s get it to-done together!