It’s September and the Summer heat has let up yet, but I love how it’s is a perfect transition that we can use to come back into our work and routines with a renewed sense of energy and focused momentum.

To really get ourselves moving into high gear this month, it’s also wise to clearly cut through what we need/don’t need so we can release the literal and figurative crap.

The essential oil I’m happy to introduce you to (you might have experienced it in one way or another before) that can help us do  that is Cardamom oil.

Physically, Cardamom oil, is beneficial to calm digestive discomfort (think upset, constipated or gassy bellies) in addition to being used to balance the gallbladder and the liver, as well as your appetite. So, yes, it’ll help you absorb your foods better and poo with ease. When your digestive system clears up, your energy soars and mental fogginess dissolves!

Like all the essential oils, Cardamom’s benefits go beyond the physical or mental and into the emotional and spiritual realms.

According to Margaret Ann Lembo, author of the Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing:

“This digestive oil assists you in digesting life and in gaining the realization that you only need to retain what nourishes you emotionally and mentally, and then release what no longer serves your highest good.”

How to Use:

• Use internally as part of a daily health regimen to support healthy gastrointestinal function.

• Add to bread, smoothies, meats, and salads to enhance food flavor and aid digestion.

• Diffuse or inhale for a sense of openness and mental clarity.

So use Cardamom this month to give you not only the physical support but the assistance to cut through and deal with minutiae of our life with a sense of openness and clarity.

To digesting life with more ease and energy!

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p.p.s If you’re into astrology, Cardamom is associated with the Virgo sign (8/23-9/22), the masterful helper, which rules the digestive system and all things clean, green, practical and healthy. Great timing to prioritize your self-care and digestive needs! Neat, right?!

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