I’m a certified holistic health coach and I help women to transform their health through nourishing habits and self-care tools that’s elegantly simple and sustainable.


My Journey to Health Coach:

The road I journeyed from didn’t begin with me loving greens or veggies. In fact, I hated salads!  Yet, I thought I was a fairly healthy person because to me, healthy was eating moderate-sized portions and choosing turkey on whole wheat over beef hamburgers.

But even though I ate that way in my late teens and 20s, I wasn’t healthy.

As a child, I suffered a lot from earaches, stomach aches, and sore throats. Throughout my college years, into my 20s and my early 30s, I regularly dealt with migraines, fatigue, bloating, constipation, joint aches, low libido and cystic acne. I couldn’t figure why I felt so miserable often. It became my normal. Every time, I visited the doctor or specialist to feel better, I was given something to fix my symptoms, which would pop back time after time.  It took years for me to discover that not only what I ate but how I ate and dealt with stress was wrecking havoc on my digestive system and hormones.

I finally decided I was done with feeling tired and miserable in my body. I wanted real energy, inner power, and yes, I wanted radiant looking skin too!  At the same time my husband and I embarked on our marriage adventure, I embarked on a food journey.  I explored various foods and dietary methods (vegan, plant-based, paleo) along with seasonal detoxes, exercise plans, and mindfulness practices.  For a few years, I was alone in this journey, then I started working with a coach so I could move through challenges with grace, have accountability in my commitments and get strategic guidance throughout the deepening process of becoming my best self.

So with lots of grace, grit and gratitude (and of course, green smoothies), I discovered the sweet spot in my health, relationships, and ultimately in my career.

By listening deep to what my body needed and then nourishing it, I transformed my whole life.

It took trial and error so I could discover which foods and habits fueled my energy levels, physical health, and emotional well-being.

Once my health improved my perspective on the rest of my lifestyle habits and practices changed too.  With better energy, clarity, and strength, I created new boundaries around sleep, rest, and work without feeling guilty or deprived.

Although my healthy journey started when I left my job and moved to a new country, you don’t have to travel far or leave your job to create your radiant, healthy life. You can start where you are with the first step by saying yes to yourself and your health.

Many of us women are hard-working and generous givers. Givers of our time, energy, money, natural gifts, and love. The problem is that we also sacrifice ourselves in the process.  Without putting our nutrition or well-being as a priority, we can find ourselves on the fast path to burnout, total exhaustion, chronic stress and toxic weight.  This greatly reduces our ability to positively impact or give back in the long-term.

When you put your health first you’ll have a greater well of resources to nurture, create and transform the lives of others around us.

It’s essential for us to take charge of our health and well-being through nutrition, self-care, movement, and play if we desire to fulfill our purpose.

Through my certification in nutrition coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life Studio as well as the additional education in transformational coaching, hormones 101, thyroid imbalances, and essential oil coaching, I began to work with more women seeking to take charge of their bodies in a natural, sincere and sustainable way.

You don’t have to struggle or forgo your desires to lose weight, feel vibrant, or have glowing skin.

As a savvy woman, you don’t need another “carb counting” diet or hard-hitting exercise program given to you.  You can get to the root and love how you feel in your body everyday with ease.  You’re here because you’re ready to feed and fuel your life with proper nutrition, self-care, and accountability.


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