An 8-Week 


Revitalization Program


Live, Look, and Feel Revitalized in 8 Weeks!

Would you like to stop feeling stuck in your health and weight?

 Do you want to dump the diets or calorie counting programs that haven’t been effective, sustainable or enjoyable?

Do you wonder if there are certain foods that may be preventing you from losing weight with ease?

Do your cravings or habits make you wish for more self-control and stronger willpower?

 Do you want more energy throughout the day and better sleep at night?

 Do you want to feel lighter and more balanced for real and lasting vitality?

You can have it and I’ve created this group program for you!

If you’re interested and want to know if this program if a good fit for you, I strongly encourage to book your Radiant Weight Loss Breakthrough call.  To preserve and protect this group, I’m limiting it to 15 driven women for the FALL 2018 experience.  The breakthrough call is required and necessary to join this program.

Throw out the old diets you’ve tried because those won’t work.

What’s the difference between a diet and this program?
In a diet, you find yourself trying to restrict your portions and count every calorie you eat, which understandably causes you to become frustrated and give up. At the end of the day, you find yourself hungry, tired, and even more frustrated than when you started.
This 8-week program isn’t about counting calories or drinking shakes 24/7 to achieve weight loss or gain energy. This is a holistic program designed to revitalize your body from the inside out so you can lose the weight radiantly.

You’ll upgrade your thoughts, eat and exercise mindfully, improve your sleep, and integrate better self-care. You receive the tools to do the work together with the group so that you are empowered to make positive changes in how you think, how you eat, how you take care of your physical body, and how you live daily. Each woman has their different challenges and nutritional needs so while you get supportive recipes, know that through this program you’ll discover what your body truly needs so you can start nourishing your whole self with confidence and clarity to feel and look radiant.


Determine any hidden food sensitivities that are causing you to hold onto weight.

Learn which foods fuel your body, so you can bring your A-game to everything you do! Feel energized, clear and confident.

Jumpstart your metabolism, so you can release excess weight you may be holding onto. Kick the bloat for good and look slim in that new pair of jeans! Better yet, you’ll increase your energy, naturally!

Reduce cravings and hunger for foods that sabotage your energy, moods, and weight loss.

Reduce inflammation and digestive issues, which is the major cause of many illnesses and disease.

Reduce stress. Cleaning up your diet with a mindful approach will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. As stress melts away, your metabolism will be able to function optimally.

Integrate new self-care practices and wellness tools into your daily life that make you want to leave leave those old habits behind! You’ll see exercise complete differently and develop a regular, more consistent workout schedule that feels more like play and less like a chore! 

 Your sleep will feel restful so you can wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day without needing the caffeine boost to get you going.

Radiant Weight Loss From The Inside Out.

This program empowers you with the tools to uncover what’s serving or not serving you and give you the steps to upgrade your mindset, foods, movement, daily habits, self-care practices and sleep hygiene for radiant weight-loss. You’ll learn how your body will be better able to release excess weight but, it’s not all about changing your weight, is it? You’re seeking to create new + better habits for a radiant life.

You have guidance along the way via weekly playbooks so you can follow along and take action while cutting away the confusion on what to do each week. You’re supported with nutritious recipes and suggested menus that’ll help you plan delicious, healthy meals while you naturally start to crowd out foods that cause your digestive discomfort, hormone imbalances, toxicity and inflammation.

You get group support, a 4-step system and coaching accountability so it’s simple and sustainable for you that will make a huge impact in how you feel, look and live – in just 8 weeks! You can do this!


If we haven’t met, I’m a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Advocate for modern women who want to ditch the diet struggle and dissolve the toxic stressors so they can breakthrough to their badass and best self.   For years, I struggled with my health and foods that weren’t serving me. I felt fatigued, frustrated, and flat until I decided to take charge of the health to live and feel the way I desired in my body. Through my experience and education over the past 5 years, I feel radically empowered and energized to bring these life-changing tools to you.

I developed this group program that revolutionizes the way you think about weight loss so you can thrive and serve with more energy, ease, and enjoyment. Let me help you revitalize your body from the inside out!

I wanted to offer a holistic solution to make wellness and vitality possible for many women with “HELL YES!” bonuses,  that’s flexible and available from wherever you are and in 8weeks.

 Even though doing the new thing can be easy,  it’s easier NOT to keep doing the thing without support and an effective step-by-step plan.

You shouldn’t have to overwhelm yourself and figure this out alone. This program gives you the necessary support, guidance, and tools (along with delicious recipes) to be successful and enjoy the process.

Having personally tried various plans or programs, I found it was hard to stay accountable and do the work when you don’t have someone who’s right there for you.

For radiant weight loss, you’ll need to integrate daily wellness habits, so I’ve also included supplements and essential oils that’ll make it simple to be strengthened, soothed and supported every day.

Most programs focus only on foods or physical self but I want to also address your emotional well-being with mindset and self-care  tools for a holistic mind-body transformation.

This program is all about letting go of what doesn’t serve your body anymore  and reclaiming your power!


YOUR unique healthy blueprint

Which foods give you optimal energy, and jumpstart your metabolism for radiant weight-loss.

How to plan your own healthy, stress-free meals – even if you’re busy and have no time

Real life strategies for putting yourself FIRST (without feeling guilty. Whoa!)

What exercises fit your unique body and lifestyle.

The exact steps, week by week, that help you achieve long-lasting results

More about yourself and your body than ever, with assignments over a 8-week period that will empower you to make lifelong changes that support your vitality and wellness.

 Mindful eating strategies along with  tips for snacking and for cooking healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will leave you satisfied with every bite

Tactics for crowding out the bad stuff, so you can bring in yummy foods to replace ‘em – no deprivation here!

 Simple ways to incorporate self-care practices and essential oils from morning to night to enhance your mood and improve your physical health that feels amazing!!

This program increased my ability to hone in on my symptoms and relate them back to my diet.”
Before starting this program, I just ate whatever was in front of me without much thought. Now, I put more thought into what I eat and think about how what I’m about to eat will affect me. This program increased my ability to hone in on my symptoms and relate them back to my diet, which I never really took note of before. I am more aware of my body and how I feel and how it is related to what I eat. I am very grateful for that!
I now feel like making additional changes will be feasible. I am grateful for the experience and for the changes I feel.  Thanks so much!  I look forward to a better me in the future and thank you for putting me on the right path to healthier eating!

Are you ready to feel radiant and weightless? 


1:1 Strategy & Coaching Sessions with Beca ($250 Value): 

One- 30minute strategy session at the beginning of the program and One- 30min coaching call with me at the mid-way point to set you up for your best success!

Live Group Q&As + Support Calls ($1000 Value):

Celebrate your wins and move through any challenges together in these calls. You have 6 group Q&A + Support video calls over the 8 weeks for you to receive hot seat coaching support from me and engage with your RWL group. They will be recorded for you if you can’t make it live and want to watch the replay.

PlaySheets for Insights and Inspired Action ($400 Value) :

These Playsheets will guide you to take action based on the insights, information and inspiration you receive from the tools. prompts and practices included.  Playsheets arrive as a PDF and will be sent to you each week by email.

 Food Diary/Journal ($27 Value) : 

Digital tool you’ll use to help you make the connection between your foods, moods, sleep, and discomfort.

Recipe eBook with Menu Plans ($77 Value) :

Recipes and suggested menu plans (vegan, omnivore, and vegetarian) to support healthy and nutritious eating throughout your 8 weeks.

Your Radiant Wellness Kit ($275 Value):

Daily habits make all the difference in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle! This kit includes 1-monthly supply of supplements along with a bundle of essential oils to kickstart your healthy habits for radiant living.

That’s tremendous value to you for only $397 USD*.

Book your Radiant Weight Loss Breakthrough session with me so we can ensure the program is good fit for you.


Say YES to your best self now and enroll for only $397* at the early bird price.

*The price will increase on August 21st to $497.


It’s time to reclaim and revitalize your body!



The Happiness Guarantee

I have held nothing back in creating this program for you. I want you to live a happier, more radiant life so I’m giving you all the tools and support you need to start your path to a healthier lifestyle.  While there is no guarantee for your weight loss, if you do the work, get on the calls and receive the coaching but feel this program did not help you in any way, I’m happy to offer you a refund (minus any physical products you decide to keep).  Contact us at beca@becasanderson.com with your request and submit your completed assignments. Because I want you to experience the amazing benefits of this program,  I have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. I am here to support you every step of the way!

Please ask any questions related to the wellness supplements or essential oils before enrolling and purchasing this program. If you are not satisfied with the wellness supplements, you can request a refund and return any wellness supplement item(s) within 30 days, no exceptions. First, communicate with me directly via email before returning any physical products.


Will I have to follow a specific diet plan or juice over the 8 weeks?

No, this is not a detox or diet program. While you might make a smoothie for breakfast and there are recipes for juices, you will mostly be eating nutrient-dense whole foods.  You are given menu suggestions you can choose from that are designed to support you and make it easy to explore and cook healthier meals. Recipes if you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore that are family-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free. 

What if I don’t want to use your recipes?

That’s okay! You can use the recipes and the suggested menus provided if you want or you can use them as a guide to loosely follow.  You will receive tools to help you discover intuitively which foods are supportive to your health and which are not and that’s more important than following a diet.

What if I fall behind during the program or can’t make the group Q&A calls?

That’s why I’ve created this as a digital/online program and included private coaching sessions. I want to help keep you moving forward even with small steps of progress.  You’ll never actually be behind because this is a journey and you’ll have the resources and materials to return to you for life or if you need to pause your program because of the exceptional reasons so you can restart when you need. The live Q&A calls will be recorded as well and the replay sent out within 24hrs to each group participant in case you can’t be on live with us. 

What do I get with the wellness kit?  In your wellness kit, you will receive:

  • Microplex Vmz WholeFood Nutrient Complex
  • xEO Mega Omega 3-6-9 Complex
  • Alpha CRS+ Cellular Energy + Renewal System
  • PB Assist Probiotics
  • TerraZyme Digestive Enzymes
  • 5 mL bottles of the Grounding Blend, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Protective Blend, Soothing Blend essential oils

With the kit, you are getting a doTERRA wholesale membership.  The membership is an online account to shop doTERRA at 25% off anytime for 1 year plus a welcome book.  As soon as you enroll and your purchase confirmation is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email and be setup with an account for your oils and supplements.  Depending on where in the U.S. you live, you’ll receive the bundle within 3-10 days of your purchase.  If you have any questions about the oils or supplements for any reason,  please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to make special accommodations or replacement if needed and appropriate.  Price may change, depending on replacement.

How much time (or equipment) will I need to spend each week?  

The weekly live Q&A calls will be anywhere from 30minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs of the group.  Additionally, there will be journaling prompts, assignments or guided actions that you could take you 15 – 30 minutes. Many will integrate nicely into your day so it shouldn’t be consuming or overwhelming to fit into your schedule. Based on your own schedule, you may want to do your shopping and allot time to food/meal prep for the week on the weekend or the day before. Food prep and shopping time will be made easier with my shopping lists and preparation guide.  Fancy kitchen equipment isn’t necessary or required.  If you have a blender, basic kitchenware, and cookware, you’ll be good to go! 

Can I do this with my partner or significant other?

The live calls, private coaching, wellness kit, and group support are included and restricted for the participants only.  However, you can certainly get your spouse or family involved with the cooking, meal prep, and enjoying the family-friendly recipes. If you have a friend that would love to do this with you, then please invite them to enroll and purchase this program so they can get their own access to the coaching sessions, supplement and oils pack, workbooks, and extra tools.

How do I book my coaching sessions and what if I miss a scheduled session? 

In your welcome email, you will receive a link and timeline to schedule your 2 private sessions in advance to occur within a 8-week time period (ideally 1 session per month). Any missed or canceled sessions with less than 24hrs notices are forfeited and cannot be rescheduled.  A big part of this program is staying accountable to your goals and it’s my intention is to support you by honoring your commitment to yourself and this journey.

What are weekly live Q&A calls? 

These are your weekly support calls with me and your group conducted by Zoom video (phone is can’t get on video).  Coming to the live calls each week will keep you connected, moving forward, taking empowered action.  I will not be teaching, but instead this is the place to come with your questions, wins, challenges, or feel connected to your group.  Group support is powerful for accountability too!


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